by The Dwindlers



“Allegories” is a collection of music and poetry composed over the past year in an effort to change stories of pain and fear into stories of grace. Inspired by the elegant movements of animals, birds, and insects, this collection hopes to charm, and sometimes challenge, the listener.

Michelle Seaman

"You can only really compare the voice to a good single malt; its silky brilliance and complexity, the music to the kind of smoke you used to see in a jazz club; a kind of wispy grey/blue, spiraling out of sight.

It's not often you come across such a good match but when you do, there's no option but to stop and pay attention. It might be manipulated sound and poetry, it might just be a good cup of coffee and a cigarette. Either way, both sit together perfectly, and it's never just the pairing of the two that makes it work. The collision of sound and poetry are only two ingredients in the mix. Like hydrogen and oxygen it's not just the two together - there's something else there; maybe even imagined - but it's still there.

Down and up, the pelican and the girl, the peacock and the kitty, not quite the dolphin and the monkey, precision and imprecision, Fred and Ginger. Pairs. Equals. Complimenting but shifting. You know how it is; there are no words. You might say a pas de deux, you might say in harmony. It doesn't matter what you'd say; just listen and enjoy.”

Jon Monk, February 2012


released March 15, 2012

[has002] Allegories – music by The Dwindlers and poetry by Michelle Seaman
written and produced by The Dwindlers
mastered by Benjamin Dauer
illustrations by Michelle Seaman
photograph by Benjamin Dauer
design by Leonardo Rosado

Release Date: March 15th, 2012

Each edition 50 COPIES paperback book + CDr
First edition with color cover

15 EUROS includes shipping



all rights reserved


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